fluvicon: water treatment technology for oil&gas, mining, or desalination

May 2021. fluvicon develops an osmotic process inspired by nature for water treatment and energy production. The focus is on Oil & Gas, Mining and Seawater Desalination.

Our award winning technology is based on the principle of forward osmosis (FO) – not reverse osmosis (RO)! Thats the basic principle of every living cell. This way you can utilize the advantage that nature uses since billions of years. The process consists of the osmosis step that pulls fresh water, and a re-concentration step (→ cyclic process) that re-concentrates the osmotic agent of the draw solution. Thereby the process gets self-sustaining.

✓ half the energy consumption;
✓ excellent retention;
✓ excellent robustness;
✓ hardly any fouling and scaling;
✓ very high reliability
✓ consistent treatment quality;
✓ very simple operation;
✓ very low maintenance;
✓ resistant against most chemicals;
✓ ph-tolerant over a wide scale;
✓ ideal for rough applications.

Source: fluvicon GmbH

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